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Health & Beauty

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Description, characteristics and pictures of Bulgarian herbs, what they used for, homemade herbal cosmetic. Where herbs grow in Bulgaria, when to pick, what applications have, herbs, aromatherapy, condiments, recipes for homemade cosmetics, hair masks
3 votes
1 1
8 0
To bring about the changes you desire you must use a magical force which is more potent than the energies controlling the situation. You will change nothing unless you ‘shock’ the situation, with a potent force. Here is Mama Shania with Black magic lo
6 votes
3 3
20 1
Make up can only retouch the skin, but all we need is a soul healing
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1 2
13 -1
All about how to be healthy and happy in our lives.
2 2
22 2
Information about New Zealand colostrum and its health benefits.
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3 3
23 -1
Discover the benefits of taking Royal Jelly health supplements.
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1 1
6 -1
When it comes to losing weight, it is much easier said than done.
3 votes
42 398
15 -1
Mini Weight Loss
1 vote
2 3
14 1
4 votes
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9 -1
25 votes
14 30
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