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William Flowers
This is an outstanding site. The Downliner will free up time for you by getting hits to your sites.
Jan 16, 2024

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Feb 23, 2023

Got my first signup in less than a week!
I joined The Downliner about a week ago and yesterday I got my first paid referral to AIOP through the TDL Machine! I'm stoked! This works great.
Oct 21, 2022

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Aug 29, 2022

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Apr 15, 2022

wayne lawson
Great Income Opportunity
I initially joined the Downliner as a free member looking to get more advertising for my affiliate links, i quickly realised that i needed to upgrade, which i did as the advertising is awesome. The TDL machine was in effect a no brainer, as i could still promote and run campaigns to my primary business while getting sign up to the TDL Machine without having to promote it.
Oct 18, 2021

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Mar 16, 2021

The Downliner Rocks!
Ok I am beyond excited!! I just received a referral to AIOP from the TDL Machine!! Actually, I have two referrals from the TDL Machine but one of them just upgraded!!. To me this is huge. This is the third time I have been a member of AIOP. I first joined in 2012 when AIOP first opened. I had a very hard time recruiting others. Anyone who has tried to advertise online knows that it is almost impossible to give away free stuff let alone get someone to invest their hard earned dollar into a new program. I couldn't even get one referral. Then a year or so later I saw that some people were having some success in AIOP through team recruitment. So I joined a team and it was, well.... not what I had hoped for. Basically the team leader took our money and disappeared. That ended my second tour with AIOP. Since then I have tried numerous programs and EVERY advertising portal you can think of. Some have been somewhat decent and some not so much. Mostly not..... Then I came across The Downliner. I joined The Downliner solely for advertising and had no idea that they had an AIOP team/program. When I first saw the TDL Machine I got really excited. I mean, AIOP is a great program, but being new to The Downliner, I wasn't sure how good it was itself. But after seeing how well The Downliner was performing I figured I would give the TDL Machine a shot. Just shy of a month later and here I am writing about having my first paid AIOP referral. So excited!  Even if AIOP isn't for you, do yourself a favor and join The Downliner for your advertising needs. You will not regret it! The Downliner is a first class advertising service!
Feb 9, 2021

The TDL Machine works.
I just got my first paid referral thanks to the TDL Machine.
Jan 15, 2021

Got my first Signup allready !
Jan 3, 2021

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Dec 12, 2020

Z TDL Jestem bardzo zadowolony. To moje początki i jest mi ciężko rozszyfrować dzialanie TDL, ale jestem pełny nadziei. SUPER STRONA!
Aug 1, 2020

TDL Machine - My Amazing Experience!
I joined TDL and the TDL machine on the 2nd of November 2019, just 8 days later, I got my first paid AIOP referral. I was highly elated. While still basking in that euphoria, the second referral came in as pass-up on the 22nd of same month. Now I'm on my was to having 3 referrals in less than 2 months. If anyone really understand the income potential in AIOP, then you unmistakably should join the TDL machine. Get your referrals without doing any promotion. Yes, the TDL machine works.
Dec 3, 2019

The Downliner Carries on!
the Downliner has changed a lot of the ways I now working online, and it is a totally must in my marketing tools!! Awsome!! This is allso the BEST co-op. and I been around since Flint Stone allmost!
Sep 29, 2019

The Machine
Love the Downliner and the Machine is Awesome. Finally a system that works!
May 31, 2019

Jay and his team are the BEST support team i have ever been with! THANK YOU
Jan 13, 2019

Michael Davenport
Downliner Excellence
Love the programme. Great idea. Build together is the way to go
Dec 9, 2018

Awesome Combination
The Downliner with TDL managed by Jay is an unstoppable force!
Sep 15, 2018

Its ok
Used them for awhile now. Didn't get any results like others are claiming. Moved on.
Dec 23, 2016

This is all I ever needed for all my traffic needs
Dec 23, 2016

Great Co-Op
Co-Op is a big help to expose our a larger audience including Social NetWork without a need of a social account!! And TheDownliner is always improving!! Awesome
Dec 12, 2016

John Victorine
Awesome !!!
I enjoy this site... Get to learn all about it & you will get great ad results !!! They add new stuff & improve since I joined. P.S. I love & Up Graded P.S.P.S. Good-Luck!!! Better-Yet: Make-Your Own-Luck!!!
Dec 12, 2016

Keeps getting better
The more I understand how The Downline works, the more excited I am. Getting unique views all the time is awesome. Saves money too!
Dec 12, 2016

Garry Smith
Just gets better
I have been with the Downliner since the original version. The newest version just gets better as time goes on and new features are added. My #1 source of great traffic.
Dec 11, 2016

Just joined and glad I did!
Love how this all works and all the options are great! This will save lots of time for me!
Aug 21, 2016

great cooperating system!
Imagine a Huge Rotator displayed by all members: Great return in views! Real and Effective Cooperation :)
Aug 4, 2016

Great Opportunity
Thank you Downliner for such an awesome opportunity to get traffic. You folks rock.
May 5, 2016

Steps To Online Success
The Downliner has a unique but simple step by step system to help anybody that wants to make money online. 5 stars all the way!
Dec 19, 2015

Joseph Moran
Getting what you need.
This system has everything that one needs to build a successful business online.This is a fantastic program (tool) that everyone should use.
May 25, 2015

The Downliner Is A All In One System For The Internet Marketer.
The system is very user friendly, and a fabulous funnel for every opportunity.
May 19, 2015

Joe Gasparre III
WoW! I Like it, works like charm
Mar 18, 2015

Annegrete Krings
Joined right away
After joining for free for an unknown time, I finally got to watch the website closer. What I saw left me with no doubt. I joined strait away as Gold member. For that price and all that good stuff we get, TDL is a bargain. That TDL also gives me an option to ad other business, is the dot above the i. What actually got me tuned in this direction was the constant follow up emails. Keep it up Jay.
Mar 12, 2015

Kevin Bird
Very user friendly online marketing site
After looking around the site and reading all the benefits I am very impressed. I am starting right away and telling other marketers about this service. Thank you
Feb 1, 2015

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